The Famous Miglio d'Oro

The Famous Miglio d’Oro

An area from the cultural heritage without equal in the world !!!

Our magnificent Villa Signorini, wonderful example of Neapolitan architecture, is part of the Miglio d’Oro (Golden Mile) !!!

It is a straight road between Ercolano and Torre del Greco whose length measured exactly one mile according to the measuring unit system of the Province of Naples in use in the first half of the eighteenth century.

They have been included in this prestigious area, in addition, also the Neapolitan districts of San Giovanni a Teduccio and Barra and the municipalities of San Giorgio a Cremano and Portici.

The etymology of the name comes from the rich history and landscape and the presence of beautiful eighteenth-century buildings.

It all started thanks to King Carlo di Borbone. During his first years of government, visiting the villa and the Duke of Elboeuf had built on the Vesuvian coast, was so enchanted by these places and the local mild climate that he decided to move there with his wife Maria Amalia of Saxony, commissioned in 1738, to Antonio Canevari the construction of the Royal Palace in Portici.

The lush forest sloping towards the sea, the view that ranged across the Gulf of Naples with views of CapriIschia and Procida, the prestige of the presence of the Royal House and the charm of the ancient vestiges, meant that the entire court Neapolitan and many other nobles decided to move along the Miglio d’Oro.

They worked building architects of the caliber of Luigi VanvitelliFerdinando FugaFerdinando SanfeliceDomenico Antonio Vaccaro and Mario Gioffredo.

Villa Signorini Events & Hotel is an integral part of this cultural heritage and fully retains the charm of the epic period of the Neapolitan history !!!

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